‘Aka – Hola is made up of two Swahili words: “ ‘Aka” which means “Smile” and “Hola” that means “Now”.
As we laugh or smile we free our minds and our bodies from anxieties, worries and negative thoughts, letting calm and positivity overwhelm us. If we feel a little bit blue a smile can be the first step to a better attitude towards us, the people around us and our whole day. With a smile once a day we start to think positive and to recognize what we have and what we love. So why don’t spend each day like this?
Train our smile is something we can do and something that can really change our mood and others mood for the better. Training a smile is like training for the sport that gives us the freedom to live fully; being it skiing down a mountain or diving into the deepest waters.
Being grateful, smiling, loving, practicing sports are all communal ways that, when trained together, take us to our final goal: Smile Now.
Sport for Action is meant to incentivize people into doing sport to smile and to live positively, giving them the most suitable items at the most affordable price.

‘Aka-Hola is not just a word, it is a living philosophy.